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Sometimes in life we just want to feel more fashionable, be more on trend, or just be a little more stylish in general. There's some items which fashion bloggers have literally made 'cool' and a must-have for every fashion lover - so I've picked out a few items that will make yourself instantly seem more fashionable.

1. The lace up flat

So simple, but these dupes of Aquazzura have become insanely popular not just in shops, but on Instagram, Twitter and in peoples wardrobes. How many fashion bloggers do you see posting a pictures with their lace up flats on, or a photo of them beneath their fur white rug? Basically all of them (including myself).
*Primark are currently doing a faux suede dupe for about £8*

2. Pom pom keyring

It seems ridiculous, but this accessory is genius and a complete transformer for your handbags. A pom pom is unique, eye-catching and obviously not to everyone's cup of tea. It will show a sense of confidence if you use one and that you don't give an F what anyone thinks - this is a great part of personal style and fashion.

3. A 'cool' phone case

It's so sad (but true) that the subtlest details such as what phone case you use can make a fashion statement and can instantly make you seem more fashionable. It's all down to social media and pretty pictures. Prints such as marble, snakeskin to slogans are deemed as pretty and fashionable because they make a statement. Fashion bloggers love a good phone case!

4. Sunnies
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I remember when I was younger and having a pair of sunglasses was cool, even if it was those long rectangular skiing ones which made you look like you were about to compete in the olympics (long gone). Today it's normal to have a draw full of sunglasses - there's so many types! You always see people like Ana Wintour with a giant pair of sunglasses and they're no doubt an easy option to make an outfit instantly more stylish.

5. On-point trainers

Since when did we all care about our trainers so much girls?! Since they're not just for hitting the gym anymore and have become a huge fashion statement (thanks Kim, Kanye & Kylie). I think I only bought my first pair of colourful trainers last year and that's because I still haven't become 100% confident that I don't look like I'm about to do a P.E. class. Personally, I'm finding the transition from flats to trainers hard, but they're extremely fashionable and practical.

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