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 I find Primark accessories so much fun on my own

Well, as most of you know I'm looking to go into fashion journalism/features writing and during my gap year I have been doing a range of different work experience. So I've been to my county newspaper (loved), the Cotswold Style Magazine (didn't really love) and now it was time to hit London for New Magazine.

What did I get up to there? I was usually transcribing interviews the writers had done with celebrities. Sometimes this was really interesting as you got to hear how lovely and funny some of the celebs were like Jess Wright from TOWIE, Rochelle Humes, Melvin Odoom and Nick Grimshaw, but having earphones in your ears all day and staring at a mac screen usually resulted in me leaving with a cracking headache. Transcribing was difficult, it's hard to catch everything someone says especially when there's more than one person talking, but I got better at it. I also did little errands like packing magazines up to send out to PR's and writing the content of the magazines new issues. I also had the chance to write some web articles which I really enjoyed doing because it's good practice writing a short snappy story of 150 words. At the end of the day it's all experience, some of the girls couldn't have been more lovely and I'm grateful for that alone and it's helping learn what kind of magazine I actually want to write for.

So London is over, what's next for little Bryony? Well...

I'm so so SO happy/excited/grateful/over the moon to tell you all that I've got an internship at Hello Fashion Monthly Magazine!!! I can't believe a magazine like this would even consider taking me when I've only turned 19 and I'm not even at uni. HFM is such a sick magazine it may be brand new, but I know it's going to be hugely successful. I met the fashion assistant and deputy editor while I was in London and they couldn't have been nicer (usually when I think people are lush they turn into monsters later on so this best not happen God!) and I can't wait to work with them. HFM is Hello Magazines fashion mag, it's £1 and it's incredible. It's the perfect size, the perfect price, they interview the most great people (such as the likes of Olivia Palermo) and their articles are actually readable (unlike some huge heavy magazines we know of)...

I'm also going to become a member of the Cheltenham Fashion Show team too which I'm really excited about as I love working within my community and it's really important for me to build my contacts up. The lady behind the show couldn't be nicer to so obviously that's an added bonus.

So that's it for now guys! If any of you are interested in how I got my work experience let me know and I can do a blog post on it :)
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the American men's brand Bonobos totake part in their fall style challenge. The challenge was directed towards the men's new suit range for fall and I had to create an outfit to compliment a chosen suit from the range. I was feeling this challenge because suits are classy, smart and I like adding these elements into my own outfits. Usually I'd opt for a dress, but this time I thought I go sleek and simple by creating a classy suit look of my own. Couples matching maybe? Brad and Angie? 

I don't think you can go wrong with monochrome for that classic look (think Chanel) and I thought the colours would compliment the black suit from the range (top picture). My H&M tailored trousers and blazer were essential for the base of my look, next are the details. A belt to nip in at the waist add's that womanly feel as it enhances your figure and I'm sure none of you missed Cruella De Vil scarf? This bundle of fur was essential to make my outfit feel glamorous which I think it achieved, but sticking to that monochrome scheme meant there wasn't too much of an overload.

What do you think of this outfit? Love or hate?

Don't forget to check out Bonobos here to check out some of their gorgeous pieces, you may find yourself adding a few items or two to your Christmas list.

Take care guys and keep watch as I have some exciting news to announce soon...
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You wouldn't believe this dress from my all time favourite clothes shop (H&M) has given me so much grief. 

I first saw it and my instant reaction was 'love it!', then I saw it in real life 'nah nah I hate it'. THEN a girl came into work with it on 'that dress looks amazing on you I'm going to buy it'. Bought the dress and I felt like crying because I loved the style but absolutely despised the colour and couldn't get over the fact that H&M only thought to invent it in khaki.Well after keeping the label on this dress for about 4 days guys I've decided I'm keeping the it hooray! I really struggle at making decisions I can never choose.

 I needed to make this dress loveable and more chic, so I was lucky that the style was already great with it's silky texture and delicate lace decoration. I added the belt because I felt like the dress was a potato sack on me. I understand this is mean't to be 'the look' but I don't like really oversized looks (not to this extent anyway). I felt a lot more elegant with the belt zipping the dress in at my waist and my mac added a chic side to the outfit. 

What are your thoughts on the dress guys, did I make the right decision keeping it?

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A bit of print for autumn is perfect, as sometimes I think we all forget about colourfulness during the colder seasons and prefer to opt for the darker colours such as burgundy, black, grey and brown (I'm guilty as charged for this too). This skirt however, sent to me by the lovelies at Justfor5Pound is a perfecto statement piece for the autumn season making any outfit a little more eye catching. It's classic monochrome print also makes it a really easy piece to dress up or down - either way this skirt is a win win for autumn ladies!

Skirt - Justfor5Pounds
Belt - Primark £2
Shoes - Primark £12
Top (actually a dress tucked in) - H&M £10
Bag - H&M (old)
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