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Well guys this is a short and sweet post but I thought I'd share with you all what I wore to go and give in measurements for my window...yes just measurements for my window, not a interview or a coffee. Measurements for my window. 

I thought I'd throw in my new favourite magazine HFM (the second issue is out tomorrow). It's not too posh like Vogue, but has the right level of sophistication and I actually want to read the stuff inside it, where as in so many other magazines I'm put off by all the small writing AND it's the perfect size. New favourite mag.

I've seen the crop top and shirt underneath style and I've never been too sure about it, but in fact I'm loving it and think it gives a unique twist to your outfit. What do you think?

Get the look...

Crop top - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - F&F
Bag - New Look

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Now before you all start pin pointing 'I don't like her' 'Omg why is Cheryl up there?', these three beauties are all icons to me for different reasons, but can you guess what for...?

The style icon - Miranda Kerr

When it comes to outfit inspiration Miranda Kerr is my saviour, I can't get enough of her looks. Her style is always simplistic and non-fussy but at the same time effortlessly elegant and chic. For red carpet looks Miranda always 'wows' paparazzi (and me obviously) in flowing gowns and beautiful bodycons and her daytime looks range from those more casual 'day off' looks with a big handbag, casual tee, jeans and heels/sometimes flats. Overall, Miranda your a 10.

The hair icon - Cheryl Cole

Personally I think Cheryl has come so far this year - a new marriage, a new single, she's back on the X-Factor and what I love even more is this years new hair! I think Cheryl has come on in leaps and bounds with hair she's not just cracked the colour, moving away from a solid brown and bright blonde to a more subtle caramel, but the style too. Cheryl's mid-length hair with her new colour combo is so flattering and her locks look more healthy than ever. I think Cheryl deserves the title of 'hair icon' as she has gone all out over the years with different styles and colours and has now found the perfect match making her a pro. Love you Cheryl.

The lingerie icon - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I'm so glad Rosie created a lingerie range because without a doubt it's the yummiest and most classy looking underwear I've seen, which is also not a hideous price. I love how Rosie's range uses soft colours rather than real dark harsh ones so her underwear is always graceful and fit for a lady. The fact she doesn't go all out crazy with style too also helps create it's beautiful style as she sticks to simple classic cuts and designs with just the right amount of lace. Thumbs up Rosie, you life saver.

Hope you liked this post just thought I'd share my 3 loveable ladies, let me know what you think!
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I will admit this shirt is not mine (it's my little sisters), but it's such a little statement piece! When going into A/W florals obviously get a little darker and some people like this or hate it depending on how dark and grungey they go. This floral shirt however does A/W perfectly! The florals are obviously darker (rather than having your usual bright pinks, yellows and blues) but instead of being quite harsh dark colours it has dark colours combined with soft ones. This means we can still have that Autumn feeling while not looking too bloom and gloom.

Shirt - New Look
Shoes - F&F at Tesco
Bag - New Look
Hat - Primark
Coat - H&M (last year)
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H&M I love you.

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Ok so not everything in this post is from H&M but 50% is - the jumper, skirt and coat. H&M is one of my most favourite shops ever, it's perfectly priced, always has stuff which is on trend and their pieces always have such a chic vibe. My favourite pieces from H&M are probably their coats, slogan tees and knitwear, they just get it so right, I'm so glad H&M has grown to such a well respected brand in the fashion industry over the years as it truly deserves it - love ya H&M!

Bryony x

Get the look

Coat - H&M buy here
Skirt -  H&M £3 (sale item)
Jumper -  H&M  here
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Primark £2
Necklace - TU at Sainsburys
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I f*ckin love this coat


Guys! On Thursday it was my birthday and I just had to share my beautiful new coat which my boyfriend got me - isn't it gorgeous?! I love mac and trench coats at the moment they're such a statement piece to an outfit and the simpler you keep your outfit the better I think as it will really make your coat stand out more. Sticking to this I paired the coat with simple colours, black and blue, and classic pieces such as a large tote and pointed heels. So that I didn't just have a black and camel colour code I thought my baby blue box top would add a splash of colour (it's so comfy too). Everything I'm wearing is still in store, but is not appearing on the web (just watch I bet I'll find it next week ), so don't worry you can still buy these items.

 I hope you all like my new blog layout which I designed earlier today, I'm so pleased with how it's turned out I was trying to go for a simpler more professional look. What do we think guys yay or nay?

Bryony x

Get the Look
Top - New Look buy here
Trousers - H&M sale £10 
Shoes - F&F £6 
Bag - New Look £16 
Coat - H&M 
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Work experience at the Citizen & Echo

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As you all know last week I had my first taste of work experience at the Gloucester Citizen and Echo newspaper and I had the best time ever! 

 Working with Features

Features is the main team I was working with. It's a mixture of stuff and it's a bit more relaxed in comparison to the news team. I was writing a few fashion pieces, doing some interviews and some general little articles. My highlight was probably when I was told that I would be interviewing Jamie Laing at Waitrose. I literally felt like telling Jonathan (my work experience boss) to shut up as I was so shocked and excited. The interview was great and Jamie was so lovely to all of his fans and just to chuck it in he told me I have really cool eyes (woop!). 

I also did another interview but on the phone. This was with James Kellegher who is the lead singer of the band Eliza and the Bear. Jonathan sent me through an email telling me I was to do it at 2:30 and I literally wanted to kill him because 1. I know nothing about this band and 2. I was doing some work for news so I had not even 10 minutes to look up some info about them, but journalists have to learn to juggle things. The interview went amazingly well, James was such a lovely guy he was so chatty and the interview couldn't have gone smoother so that was a great success and something I was very proud of  all being very new to me.

Working with News

Urgh news. That is literally what I though when I got dragged onto this desk, bloody news. Infact it was not bad at all and I'm so glad I got to experience it as it's not what I thought it would be at all -politics. On this desk the stories were very short and snappy, straight to the point so I did struggle a bit, but I think I improved throughout the week.

 The work I did towards the news work was really fun. This included phone calls and voxpops. Voxpops are basically when I got given some questions then sent off into Cheltenham to be one of those annoying people who stop you in the middle of the street and ask you questions. I loved doing this as I like interacting with people and it is good skill to be confident approaching others.

5 things I've learn't about journalism

1. It's a juggling game - I was asked to do three different articles at a time once and I'm not going to lie it was difficult, but you need to be patient with yourself and juggle different things in order to get work done.

2. Degrees - I've discovered these aren't essential to get into journalism, there's lots of different routes and work experience can help get your foot in the door.

3. Confidence - You need this to an extent. I was told to make lots of different phone calls and with the voxpops I was stopping strangers in the street to talk to. You need the confidence to be able to just get on and do things, not piss about and get too scared.

4. Newspapers aren't boring- I thought they would be. I was wrong. There's so many different parts to papers that we don't know about e.g. I did that interview with Jamie and I was at a newspaper, I wouldn't exactly call that boring would you?

5. Independence - I feel that I learn't a great deal of independence on this work experience. Obviously if you get stuck and ask for help you will get it, but no one is looking over your shoulder 24 / 7 you have to learn to cope on your own.

I'd really recommend getting work experience at a newspaper, even if it's magazine work you want to do. I was so persistent that newspapers wouldn't be my cup of tea, but this week has proved me so wrong and I've enjoyed every minute of it. If you'd like to read my article about Jamie Laing click HERE

 I loved working with the Gloucester Citizen and Echo, hopefully I'll be able to return soon, but this week I'm off to the Cotswold Style Magazine so watch out for the next blogpost!

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