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It's a beautiful day!

 Bag Justfor5Pound click here /  Sheer blouse H&M (children's section size 14+) click here / Leggings H&M old (similar here) / Shoes Ebay / Turban Asos click here

Well it was beautiful-ish day Saturday, but my morning was certainly brightened when I saw a unexpected package from Justfor5Pounds waiting on the table and even more when inside was the clutch I wanted (jump for joy!). 

So I received the clutch Saturday and took these pictures Saturday (I don't look to keen or anything). To be quite honest I don't really know what look I was going for I was so excited to style the bag I just chucked on a pile of stuff, but overall I do really like my outfit  I felt like a bit of a flapper with the turban and blouse/kimono together. I wont be offended if you aren't too keen, I think this outfit is going to be a love hate situo.

I can't thank Justfor5Pound enough surprising me with this it really boosted my moral up for revision. The quality of the bag is so good and it's big and spacious, perfect for a night out or for a bit of punch to a daytime outfit. Also, this bag looks identical to the YSL bag which is on the market at the minute but is like 80% of the price so it's a real style stealer bargain. If you don't shop on Justfor5Pound I really recommend it because I guarantee you'll find an item you love.

Bryony x 
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just chillin...

Shorts Boohoo click here / Bag La Moda click here / Shoes Next (old) / Top Calvin Klein  similar here / Sunnies Asos click here

Morning all, this post is short and sweet today. 

If you saw my latest post I said I was going to be doing another blog post with the stripy shorts just so I can show you how I style them in a different way and here it is! As you can see from the outfit and title this outfit is very chilled, casual and would be great to just have a long day shopping in as it's quite baggy and comfy. I do think the white tote and chunky sunglasses do make the outfit still feel girly though, which is what I want.

I just want to let you all know that I may be holding back on blogging for a while as I'm currently revising for A2 exams, however I will try my best to throw in the odd post now and again, but I'll defiantly be back in business for the summer - so watch this space!
Have a great day everyone & enjoy the post x

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classy in striped shorts...

Bag La Moda click here / Belt asos click here / Shorts Boohoo click here / Sunnies asos click here

Evening everyone! Sorry I'm putting up this post so late but I just got back from zumba so I kind of had to rush editing these pics as I really wanted to get this post up tonight, so bear with.

This outfit is basically based all around my Boohoo striped shorts as I'm doing a '2 way to wear' post for them and this is how I wear them a bit glamed up and classy, overall very girly. I got these for complete bargain, £8 as I got 20% off them, but they're still going for the amazingly cheap price of £10. 

So to create my 'classy look' with these shorts I thought because they have white stripes I'm pairing them with some white items, hence why I went for this stunning white tote from La Moda which is £20 and a white long sleeve turtle neck which was £3 from Matalan (turtle necks are such a classic). Little black booties and my asos cat eye sunnies were essential to making my outfit that extra bit glamorous and to take it that little step further I even threw in a FLUFFY yes FLUFFY belt, which I also got from asos for £14. I must say the belt is fab reduced from £30, real leather, it's different you can't go wrong!

I hope you like how I styled the shorts and keep an eye out for my next post to see my second way I styled them x 

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