how to wear the tulle skirt ...

The tulle skirt more commonly recognised as the 'Carrie Bradshaw' skirt, is lets face it pretty cool, c'mon it's a tutu! but that's what some people see as the problem it's a tutu...only ballerinas wear tutus really (not any more). So, as much as we all want to buy this skirt some of us will hold back because we simply can't decide what to put it with, so I decided to put this little post together to show you guys what I'd personally style Boohoo's little tulle with and hopefully give you some inspiration.


Skirt/Boohoo (here) Shoes/River Island (here) Top/New Look (here) Earrings/New Look (here)

If your scared keep it simple. 
I've kind of gone for a monochrome look with this skirt. I think the top tucked into it would give the outfit a much more smart evening look and I think the flower embellishment on the top is great, really adds a glamorous girly touch (and then you don't need a necklace - woop!). The heels *thumbs up* very classy and I thought I don't wan't to look too funeral like with all black so the multicoloured tasselled earrings, different, but would add a good different to the outfit, give it a bit of uniqueness.


Skirt/Boohoo (here) Shoes/River Island (here) Coat/H&M (here) Top/H&M (here)

This daytime outfit is reminding me a bit of Alexa Chung, what do you think?
I must admit daytime skirt with the tutu is a toughy, but I am happy with the outcome of this outfit. I thought the polka dot t-shirt tucked in again would make the outfit more cute and feminine, but I still cant choose, what do you think in or out? I basically cheated with this outfit, I think polka dot dresses black boots and mac/trench coats look great together so I basically based my outfit around that, but overall I think these items could be pulled off with the skirt.

I hope I've maybe helped a few out who were struggling with what to pair their tulle skirt with. Let me know what you think of my tulle outfit ideas, love or hate situo?


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  1. That skirt is gorgeous! I love the embellished top too x


    1. Aw thank you Gemma is so great to hear that from such a great blogger :D xx

  2. i have some tulle skirts and i love them!

  3. Cool look! do you want to follow each other? Let me know.

    1. Thanks for the follow, following back on gfc and blogloving.

  4. ahh that top is so cute!

    Hannah xx